Nail Trimming

You can trust Dachshing Doggies to care for your pet completely.

  • Eyes. Ensure your pet’s eyes are bright, clear and alert
  • Ears. Check ears are clean and odourless
  • Teeth. Check that teeth and mouth are clean, shiny, and unbroken
  • Nose. Moist and uncracked
  • Under-side. Shiny, healthy, and unmatted coat
  • Skin & Coat. Shiny, healthy, and unmatted coat
  • Nails & Pads. Shiny, healthy nails; moist, uncracked pads

Priced at just £5 (no appointment needed)

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Frequently Asked Questions

I would advise people booking in advance to ensure you have an appointment especially round Christmas and mid summer as that is my busiest time, you can book an appointment via facebook, telephone or my online booking system. the online booking system is good for people who like to block book appointments

It depends on what service you have chosen and the size of the dog , most if the time a dog takes only 1 hour but but it can vary to between 1-2 hours depending on the dogs coat and size.

no however their is a cafe on site where you are more than welcome to wait , the only reason I say no is because dogs are like children if they see their owner they will start to play up so for them to have a pleasant experience its better if their 1-1 with me. If your dog is nervous or you think the dog might get uncomfortable you are more than welcome to stay as long as its better for the dog and he/she wont stress out because I do understand some dogs have separation anxiety and are better handled with their owner being their.

if you think your dog has fleas or ticks please let me know in advance, i can provide a flea shampoo and a flea and tick spray treatment also if i do find any ill be sure to comb them out but most of the time the shampoo kills the fleas

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